Monday, January 23, 2012


You know them. You know people who "shoot from the hip" most of the time. They react and respond to things before giving the idea or happenstance time to process. Sometimes that works - sometimes it is disastrous.

Most of us need a bit of space between what happens or what comes our way in terms of ideas to figure out how we should best react. We need to get perspective and come up with an effective response.

One of the keys to successful life is to learn to under-react rather than overreact. Not only will you reduce your level of stress and anxiety but you'll be able to more effectively handle the challenges that come along.

Learn to accept the fact that some things will not be immediately resolved. Calmly, thoughtfully, carefully, diligently move toward a well-considered and desirable outcome. Almost always this is the best approach.

When faced with an emergency, of course, this advice goes away - take immediate action. But emergencies are rare - keep that in mind, too. In most situations life throws at  you, you have the option to put them on the back burner for a bit to think rationally. Then, after considering ramifications and options and possibilities, come up with the direction you ought to take.

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mccrabby said...

This really ticks me off.. No, wait a minute. It's not so bad. I'm OK now. Never mind..