Thursday, March 3, 2011

Say "Yes"

How many times have you lost out on something because you would not or could not bring yourself to say “yes?” “No” is a good word, too (and some people have never learned to say it and get into trouble). But “Yes” is a better word. With “Yes” we get new experiences, new responsibilities, new possibilities, new commitments. If we are constantly in the “no” mode – so we can avoid discomfort or inconvenience or obligation or expectation, we lose so much.

Our dreams are wrapped up with the “yeses” we say, never the “nos.” The good things in our lives have come because we have said “yes.”  Most certainly “yes” takes some courage, some faith. Saying “yes” often takes us outside our comfort zone.

Some truly great things are waiting in the wings of your life. Make sure you say “yes” to them.

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