Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Miracle

Sometimes we speak before we think. Last weekend I told people about my first grandchild being born. I was, of course, very proud to do so and before I even met him I loved him. But I had read somewhere that birth is not miraculous. It happens, literally, billions of times and anything that happens that often is "normal" and not a miracle, by definition. That made sense to me. Being a clergyman, I understand the concept of "miracle" to be that which has no explanation but happens anyway and often contains a mystical quality such that God is the apparent author. A miracle is somewhat like one of the illusions at a magic show but real and not slight of hand.
When a woman congratulated me on the "miracle," I shared with her this author's idea about miracles, saying that although a birth is a wondrous and amazing event, it is not a miracle. She strongly disagreed.
Then I met my grandson and saw those tiny fingers and toes and ears - each exactly perfect and like my own only so much smaller. I had to admit. There most certainly is something miraculous about all this even if it happens a billion times and is the most normal and natural thing in the worlld.
Today - Look for the miraculous in the normal. Look for the majesty in the ordinary. Look for the magic in the mundane. It is all there and will thrill you when you are able to see it.

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