Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Learning

What lesson(s) will you learn from life today? You may learn something fascinating and fun – something that piques your interest and stimulates your mind – something that makes your life a bit richer. Or you may learn something that is just a bit painful. Sorry about that. But either way, you should finish the day a bit wiser than you were this morning. Congratulations!

Each person you meet today has something to teach you. Every situation in which you find yourself has the potential of revelation. If you keep that fact in mind, the day can be approached with a positive and hopeful perspective and will, because of that perspective, go better than without it.

Life becomes increasingly fulfilling when we choose to learn all of the lessons available to us every day, knowing that even the negative can be beneficial. We learn in triumph and tragedy, in disappointment and hope. We even learn in the mundane if we allow ourselves to.

Today – choose to learn something every hour. Decide that you WILL be just a bit wiser when you go to bed tonight than were when you got up – by learning all day long.

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