Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Potentials

There are ideas in your world – today -  that you have never considered. There are things to know that you didn’t even know were to know. There are some truly great people whom you will walk by today who would make wonderful friends. There are events in the works that, if you were to take in, you would be amazed. There are places, some just around the corner, that would fascinate you and broaden your perspective. The potentials of any given day are myriad. 99% of them will go right on by without touching your life. But don’t let 100% slip by you. That would be tragic.

Today – expect to meet someone new – make it happen. Consider a new idea (it may come from that person you met). Look for something to learn and learn it. Take a different route home from work today and see what is to see. Allow your life to gain some depth today that it didn’t have yesterday. This is a new day. Be renewed!

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