Monday, January 10, 2011

Hatred and Fear ... and Peace

There are a lot of major industries in this country. Here in Detroit we have the auto industry. In California is the movie industry. In Florida is the tourist industry. Wisconsin is noted for beer, Nevada for gambling, the East Coast for fishing, the Southwest for ranching… but there seems to be one industry that is not localized, but permeates the whole of our society: Hatred and Fear. Somewhere someone discovered that if you give people someone to hate or something to fear, there is a lot of money to be made. Then some tweaked the system and decided that you can also make a lot of money simply stirring things up as much as possible and escalating the hatred and fear.

We seem to have lost the fundamental idea of America – freedom to express oneself – freedom to be different –  freedom to love one another even when we disagree. But it’s not too late. YOU and I can brighten the little corner of our own world. We can be the ones who refuse to hate anyone for differing political or religious or lifestyle choices. We can be the ones who refuse to listen to fear mongers and allow their barbed tentacles to destroy our security. We can be the ones to love one another, no matter their race, creed, or social status. We can be the ones to be the salt and light in our world.

(If you are a reader from a different nation, simply substitute my words, “America” with your own country’s name. Fear and hatred are not just American industries. The wealth has spread throughout the world. May the peace in you infect wherever you call home.)


Curt MacRae said...


I thought Wisconsin was cheese, but I guess I can see it with Old Milwaukee, etc.

Thanks for the perspective. There definitely is too much fear and too much hate. I hate it.

Steve Schafer said...

Well, yes, I suppose it is. Technically is is known as the "Dairy State," so milk is probably even more of an industry than cheese. When we lived there there seemed to be a confusion if milk or beer was THE thing Wisconsin is known for.