My Insight For Living Each Day

If you’ve read the “About Me” section, you already know that I am a minister – the pastor of a wonderful church. So you might already know what I am going to say. My inspiration comes, first and foremost, from God. More specifically, from the teachings and person of Jesus, the Christ. But, on a human level, my inspiration comes from other people.  I read blogs and daily devotional guides and books and articles in magazines. All of these form who I am, what I believe to be true, how I live, and what I teach (please therefore know that my creativity is a conglomerate of so many other people’s wisdom and ideas – so much so that I cannot thank them enough nor can I give them credit even though it is due).  Then there is my family – those people whom I know most intimately and who know me for the very human person I am. When I write, I strive to write such that none of them read one of my posts and say to themselves, “Yeah, right. What a hypocrite.” I strive to write honestly, from the heart, and write what I truly believe and as I truly am.

That being said, let me say, without any qualification, that I do not always practice what I preach. I want to and I strive to and I would live a better life if I were able to. What I am doing is telling myself and others how life CAN be and how we OUGHT to live and I try to follow what I have to say as much as I hope you do.

On Sundays, in the pulpit, I talk a lot about God. That’s expected. In this blog I try to not talk “religion” or overly much about God so that these life principles can be read, appreciated, and followed by people of any or no religion. But God is always there in all I say. All I know comes from the creator of the universe and, whether one believes in that creator or not, those universal rules for living still make sense and make life lived better.