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"Sponsor" may be too specific of a word. I have signed up as an "Affiliate" to a few select sites that I think are important. They have no idea who I am, but I pass on their links and if you enter their site and decide you like what you see and purchase something, I get a little commission. Thanks for looking.

I just love If you have ANY irreplaceable data on your computer (and who of us doesn't), one of your greatest fears is having your hard drive crash and burn. If that happens, you know that you will lose everything that you haven't backed up. And who backs up as much as we should? does automatic backups at an incredibly affordable price. You need never fear losing your data again!

I signed up as soon as I found this great service. I've become an affiliate and get a little commission if you sign on with them through the links on my blog. But even if I didn't get anything at all, I'd highly recommend Mozy. It is absolutely essential in this age of digital data. is a life-saver. They will scan your negatives, your slides, your old photos, and preserve them digitally. And they cost considerably less than their competitors. ScanCafe has been called "The best scanning service" by "CNN Money." Their expert scanning equipment "repairs" the aging process and makes your photographs look like new. Preserve your memories before they deteriorate beyond redemption. ScanCafe is a heritage saver. Take a look!

A year or so ago I got word from my credit card company that there had been a breach in their system and that my credit card, along with thousands of others, had been stolen. They gave me a year of so that I could keep an eye on any and all charges and rest assured that my credit could not be ruined. The year was uneventful, but it was great to be contacted every time anyone so much as looked at my credit score. The feeling of security with this system was really quite good. If you have any concern about your credit score, is an excellent way to sleep better at night. Just click HERE.

Or, how about Identity Theft. It is a danger that is growing across America. If you know anyone who has had their identity stolen, you know how many hours and how much hair pulling takes place trying to get back to where you ought to be. is the world's premiere identity theft protective agency. There is none better anywhere. LifeLock.
 I live in Michigan and we continue to be one of the hardest hit states for employment. We put all our eggs in the automotive manufacture basket and have suffered the consequences. Double digit unemployment has become our way of life. So, although I've no direct experience with them, seems to have a positive solution. If you are looking for a job and wanting to connect with some of the best employers in the country, check them out. Click HERE.

There is virtually no one in the world who doesn't want to lose weight. We are a nation obsessed with looking fit and trim. But our busy lives are just too busy to eat right. If only someone else would do the menu and the shopping and the food preparation - THEN, maybe, we could eat right and lose some of our excess pounds. That's just what does. They have a program that allows you to eat healthy, lose weight, and enjoy the food delivered to your door. is the solution for us working people who want to eat right but just can't fit it in.

You really do NOT need to spend money at the attorney's office to make a will, to write a contract, to appoint a power of attorney, to establish a leasing agreement. All you really need, in so many cases, is a form. is the best place on the internet to find just what  you are looking for. Attorneys are great, but you don't always need them for legal documents.