Saturday, January 8, 2011


When our daughters were young, we had the opportunity to go to DisneyWorld. I was amazed at the creativity that went into every aspect of the place. There was one venue dedicated entirely to imagination and dreams becoming reality. We bought the girls little purple dragons that were named “Figment” (of your imagination).

From that time to this, I’ve been keenly aware of the possibilities of dreaming and creativity and thinking “outside the box.” Our ability to imagine and then to work wonders in our world is quite common “out there.” But sometimes we, in our own little minds, believe that everyone else has the ideas, the imagination, the creativity, the ability to change things.

We couldn’t be more wrong. Each one of us was born with a creative spark inside. It is sometimes squelched by the forces around us, but it is never extinguished. It is that part of us that is most God-like and cannot be destroyed until the day we die.

The trick is to release it – to let it out and to let it ignite your whole person and the world in which you live. How? First, by just acknowledging that it is there and being willing to tap into it. Second, by taking a look around you. You will see a world full of valuable, useful and beautiful things that exist because of someone’s imagination. Let those observations be your inspiration. Let them spur you on to thinking in a new way, acting with purpose, examining your world and seeing how you can, if only in some small way, make it better than it presently is.

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