Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My ego is a bit fragile. Probably yours is too. We are proud people. We want people to see us as important or smart or beautiful or clever or inventive or, in some way, bigger than life.

It takes tremendous time and energy to support that. Ego is avaricious. Whatever we are willing to feed it, it will absorb.

The problem is that we feed our ego with time and energy that we could better use accomplishing something or setting goals or building relationships or simply being at peace.

Choose, with each situation in your life, to give and not to take – to allow others to grow instead of your ego. Focus beyond your own concerns, on the tasks at hand. Forget about “me” – refuse to feed the ego and your life will be truly blessed.

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McCrabby said...

Very nice, except if I were to use the word, avaricious, in my blog, my readers would go, "Huh?"

And, words like that could simply exacerbate the conundrum many of my readers feel about their job-searches. I guess a few of my readers could be considered luddites.

I don't mean to obfuscate this issue, and I won't whinge about it, but I did want you to be cognizant of the effect your words have.

This was a wonderful post.

Have a great day..