Monday, March 7, 2011

Energy Expenditure

We spend a great deal of mental and emotional energy on things that we shouldn’t. If we can distinguish between those things that are important and those things that aren’t and distance ourselves from those which are unnecessary, we’ll be doing ourselves a huge favor.

We fall into a pattern of reacting to all kinds of minor issues that come into our lives instead of just letting them go. Rise above the petty dramas that don’t do anyone any good. Just turn and walk away (figuratively, usually). We all have a finite supply of energy and wasting it on minor irritations keeps us from productively interacting with the important things in our lives.

Every day problems come. Sometimes they overwhelm us. But we are better able to deal with them if we are able to sort them into the “important” and the “trivial” and attack the important ones and refuse to waste our time on the trivial.  

A sign of true strength is the willingness to completely let go of the things that don’t matter so very much.

Today – Sort your priorities and issues and spend your energies on those highest on the list.

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