Friday, January 14, 2011

Like Me

My biggest character flaw is that I like people to like me. That’s not a bad thing, in itself, but it does, often, cause one to compromise and give in and surrender when I really don’t want to – except that, if I don’t, that person will think less of me.  I greatly admire (and am totally confused by) people who really don’t care all that much about what others think of them. What is it about that little voice inside that says to me “be careful – don’t offend – don’t state anything too strongly – don’t cause a conflict – don’t cause an argument”? Why can’t my little voice be like some people I know (whom, interestingly, I don’t, in fact, think less of because of their outspokenness) who can “tell it like it is” and “let the chips fall where they may”?

I’ve concluded that that is some of the wonderful diversity in the human creation. Some of us are milk-toast. Some of us are lion-hearted. It takes all kinds…  Whichever you are (even if somewhere in between), that is how God made you. Embrace it. Be who you are and make no apology. Rejoice in your quietness or your boisterousness, your likability or your abrasiveness (but be nice, too). Be who God made you to be.

[I really…really hope you like this……]


Curt MacRae said...

I DID like this, but I'm afraid I'd offend you if I didn't. I couldn't take that.

I like your writing and plan to promote it at my blog, once you help me figure out how.

Nice job.

L said...

Hi. I haven't read your blog before, I don't know who you are or what have you written about before. I just found this when I was looking for some pictures. I gotta say, nice entry man! I didn't know there were others too like that! It'sa relief to notice that I'm not the only one who doesn't wanna cause argument, can't say my opinion because I'm afraid of being unliked and just go with others, even though it'd annoy me. You seem to have a nice touch to life, that's great. Keep on going, this totally cheered my day.