Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Key to Success

Success is the end result of hard work and careful planning. Thinking it will be achieved any other way is simply foolishness and wishful thinking. We succeed by doing what must be done to reach the goal, not by waiting around to see if this will be a “lucky” day for us – hoping that the stars are aligned rightly. Furthermore, the degree of our success is usually (although, admittedly, not always) in proportion to how much effort we expend to get it.

Too many people spend their lives waiting to get a “break” or for their “ship to come in.” They don’t realize that their present circumstances cannot change until THEY decide that they must. Success is built on making the most of whatever circumstances or situations life throws our way. Success is not a random happening. WE make it happen. We CHOOSE it to happen. And we choose it (or not) every single day.

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