Saturday, January 28, 2012

ME Time

The hardest part of being a grown-up is that we have to be responsible. Oh, I suppose we don’t HAVE to be responsible, but when we aren’t we suffer some pretty painful consequences.

Sometimes responsibility seems like such a burden to bear. We have to feed and cloth our families. We have to go to work every day – on time. We have to work conscientiously all day long. Then go home and do it all over again tomorrow.

On the weekends we have to spend time
with the kids and family, go to church, call our mothers… It just never ends. When is it going to be “ME” time?

Here is a little secret: It’s ALL “me” time.  Being responsible is not really a burden. It is a blessing. We have been entrusted with things in this life because we ARE responsible and, it seems, the more responsible we are the more we are entrusted with. If we are mature adults and accept the responsibilities we are handed  and do what we are expected to do, our lives will be rich and full and more responsibilities will come our way. Be faithful. Do all that is required of you and even more. It's ME time!

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