Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A number of years ago a multimillionaire businessman told, on a national television interview, how he got started. He said he had an idea and constructed a business plan but couldn't get a bank to take a chance on him because he was untried. He had no experience - no success - no "resources" they could gamble on. So he went to friends and relatives and convinced them that they should loan him the start-up money. He collected a hundred dollars here - five hundred there...

The interviewer asked him the secret of his success right from the start. "The fear of failure. I couldn't possible contemplate failure, losing the money of those who believed in me. I was so afraid I might fail that I just worked and worked and worked!"

The fear of failure can be a powerful force. It keeps us going even when things get desperate and look hopeless.

What the business man hadn't realized, however, is that he was destined to succeed from the very beginning. His drive, his determination, his positive mental attitude practically guaranteed it. Even if his business had failed, he would have learned enough to tackle another opportunity that came his way later.

Fear failure.  Use the fear to never Never NEVER fail.

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