Monday, October 10, 2011


FAITH. One author defines it as "the process of acting upon glorious assumptions." In other words, faith comes into play when what we are doing or planning or dreaming about doing - or believing - is beyond the reach of ease. Faith is only faith when it is a belief that something will happen, can be, or is believed to be that from a human perspective, is nearly or entirely impossible. Unless there is a strong reason to doubt, faith is unnecessary and uncalled for.

Faith is that force of the human spirit that moves us forward in the face of the impossible or improbable. It is the belief that "with God nothing is impossible."

Faith is Moses moving steadily toward the Red Sea with a million people, believing that somehow God would not let them drown nor be trapped and slaughtered. Faith is stepping out of the boat when Jesus bids you join him. Faith is going to the tomb to anoint a body without any means of getting in. Nothing great has ever been achieved without faith. Faith gives us the courage to move forward even in the midst of major obstacles.

Keep moving forward in your life, pursuing your dreams and hopes, assuming that when you reach the next obstacle, it will melt away and you will succeed. Allow today's hopes to become tomorrow's reality.

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