Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Have  you ever had a dream that is too big - set goals that were unreachable - known that at the end of your effort will be failure? Have you ever thought you might have to scale down what you are  hoping for because it just can't be? Good.

We have to think bigger than we are. We have to dream dreams too lofty for reality. We have to hope beyond hope. And when we do, amazing things can happen.

It all begins with a plan. Break down the dream or goal into bite-sized chunks and work on one at a time. Put an end-date goal on each and carefully work through where you want to go. For dreams to become reality you have to assume responsibility to bring them to be. You cannot expect God to suddenly drop things into your lap. God expects YOU to do the work. God's job is to help you visualize the dream then to back you up, pick you up, dust  you off, and get you back to work.

Where there is a will (yours) there is a way. God will show you the way if you are willing. Then, believing, you may just move mountains as you watch your impossible dream come true.

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