Thursday, August 18, 2011

Success in Failure

Success is most pronounced in the face of failure. A pole vaulter races toward the pit, jams the tip into the stop and is thrown into the air. If he/she makes it across the bar, the bar is rasied… and raised… and raised until he/she fails.

It is impossible to know how successful you can be until you know at what point you will fail. Does the failure stop the vaulter from trying the higher level the next time out? No. His/her career is not over because of knocking the bar off. It simply stands as a higher challenge to return to again and again and just maybe the next time will have a better outcome.

Success is achieving the maximum of your potential. Success is finding out how high you can go before you fail. Success is to keep trying and stretching and working and believing in yourself and MAYBE making them set the bar a notch higher because THIS goal has been reached.

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