Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Front Row Seats

Ever gone to a sporting event or concert and had front row seats? It just doesn’t get much better than that. It  takes “being there” to a whole new level. Ever gone to church? Have you noticed that no one ever sits in the front row?

I think the difference is in the participation. At sporting events and at concerts we have no active role whatsoever so getting closer to the action gives us the illusion that we have something to do with what’s going on. But in church we ARE part of what’s going on. We sing and pray and read aloud and stand and sit as part of the liturgy. Getting too close to the front is a bit intimidating because then the other participants can easier observe you doing whatever it is you are doing…

Where you “sit” in life has a lot to do with your sense of self. If you truly want to get the front row seats at a concert you will be the first in line on the day tickets go on sale even if it means camping on the sidewalk all night long. If it is to get the best seat in the house at an open seating venue, you push your way into the crowd and make your way to the front before the doors open. Aggression pays off.

Far be it from me (Mr. Nice-Guy) to suggest that we may need to be more aggressive in our lives, but sometimes we hold back far more than we should. We need that “go-get-‘em” attitude if we are ever to have a chance at first row seats. We may not need to push and shove or be obnoxious. We don’t need to violate anyone else’s space or rights, but we may, indeed, need to be a bit more forceful if we are ever to reach your goals.

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