Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Treasure You Are

As you look at other people it is easy to see some of their sterling qualities (with some the silver is a bit tarnished, with others you may see tar instead of sterling). You admire them and know they are top quality people. They are creative or intelligent or energetic or clever or talented or rich in character.  Maybe all of these. What’s not to admire? What do people see when they look at you? Very likely they see some of those qualities. Believe it or not, they admire you. They see something in you that is enviable and that they’d like to possess in their own lives.
Even if it is nothing more than your desire to be a better person (proven by your reading things like this blog), that is admirable. Someone sees it and would love to have it in their own life.

You are a treasure. You are a person of value and worth and people around you know it.

When you can accept that foundational fact about yourself, your life will be better and those sterling qualities you possess will be polished up and shine even more. And that self-awareness and acceptance will be just one more of the great qualities you possess in your life.

Today – List the positive qualities you possess that someone might admire. Enjoy the treasure you are.

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