Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let Life Flow

Stressed today? Things not going right? People all around you incompetent? The news on TV depressing and frightening? The future looking bleak? It does no good to get angry about it. Being resentful helps not one tiny bit. What does help is staying connected with the best that is within you. What helps is to remind yourself continually of the positive path you’ve chosen to follow.

Sure, the day-to-day happenings in your life may not (probably won’t) go as planned. There may be long, difficult periods wherein nothing seems to go your way. Yet you have the unique ability, if you want it, to be in complete control of your thoughts and attitudes. You can choose how all the things in your life affect you.

Imagine being at peace with yourself and with the world around you. Imagine how much better you would feel if  you just let life flow around you without letting it get to you.

THAT is the choice you can make. No matter how complicated life gets – no matter how many things threaten to undo you, you can choose to let life flow while being positive, peaceful and calm.

Choose that today. Choose to let life flow. Choose to be at peace.

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