Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two Minutes

One of my great readers sent me a link to a site named "Do Nothing for 2 Minutes." When I clicked I discovered that the name and the content matched exactly. I found a beautiful picture of the ocean (a still picture, not a video), the sound of ocean waves and a timer that counted down from 2 minutes. If you touch your keyboard or mouse the two minute timer begins again.

Two minutes seems like an eternity when you've got things to do and places to go and work piling up. It seems a bit silly to waste it. But something happens in that two minutes. Relaxation begins. You begin to realize that taking two minutes to do nothing may be the best two minutes you've spent all day. Two minutes makes you want to play it again and take four.

I've not written much today - maybe two minutes less to read. Go to and see what it does for you today. And maybe you'll want to visit tomorrow, too. 

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