Friday, February 25, 2011

Newborn Potential

You don't remember when you were born. But someone does. Your parents remember just about every insignificant detail (as well as the significant ones). And with your birth all kinds of anticipation and possibilities entered the world. Whether you believe in fate or not, potential entered with you. No one knew exactly what that potential would be but, over the years, you've been figuring it out a little at a time. You have allowed your potential to flourish or flounder - to have a solid foundation or to be blown by the wind - to make you what you are today. But tapped or not, that potential is still within you. 

It's time to take another look at it. What gifts do you possess? What talents do you  have? What characteristics of your personality are strong and useful? What gifts do you possess that have never really been used? How can you use them now? What MAY the future hold if you tap into who you might yet be?

Today: Examine your life - where you've been, where you've come from - and try to look into your crystal ball and see if you might get a vision of what might/ought yet be.

This Isn't Asher - just a baby.
[On a personal note: Tonight - February 25 - at about 9:00, a baby was born. He will be called Asher. He will, in a year or so, call me "grandfather." The first ever to be able to. I am overcome with emotion and moved with gratitude to God.]

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Curt MacRae said...

Congratulations Grandpa!!!