Thursday, February 24, 2011

Be at Peace

There is nothing that will de-escalate an argument or dispute or anger like a demeanor of peace. When someone flares at you try this: respond with a calm, peaceful, understanding voice. It will be almost impossible for the other person to continue in the same vein as just a moment before. There is almost always a way of responding peacefully and with respect. And when you do, you have an infinitely better chance of being heard and understood.

Whatever you have as a goal, consciously seek a way to get to it in peace. In so doing, you will make your world (and the other person’s) a bit better place.

When you live and think and act peacefully, you will find, almost universally, that people will support your efforts, take on the mantle of peace themselves (even if only momentarily), and work with you. Not a day goes by when your peaceful demeanor won’t introduce a sense of calmness into other people’s lives – even a small bit of it will change everyone’s day profoundly (because there is so little of it out there – people grab it whenever and wherever they can – there is a tremendous desire in all hearts for it).

Today: Allow yourself to be strong enough to practice peace in any and all situations in which you find yourself. Peace will change your world.

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