Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Future is Built on Today

The future is built on today. Whatever you will be – wherever you will end up – whoever you will one day be – has its foundation in this very day. Nothing can change the past (the foundation already laid), but today you can add new direction or a new dimension or a new perspective and ultimately change the future into what you want it to be.

But that can only happen if you make a conscious decision and have a defined vision of just what you want the future to look like. Your future will arrive. The question is whether YOU choose it or if it is happenstance.

There will be challenges along the way. There is no doubt about that. Your vision will have to be continually revised and readjusted. But if you have determination and “intentionality” in all you do, a version of that vision that is quite recognizable will emerge.

To get started you must point yourself in a positive direction. You must decide with clarity what that direction will be. You must decide what the first step(s) will be. You must take that first step – today.

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