Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flexible Planning

Have you ever noticed that literally NOTHING turns out exactly as you had hoped, planned, envisioned, expected? There are always so many variables, many of which we simply aren’t aware, that are called into play, that we don’t have the computative abilities to put it all together. Probably, even if we were, somehow, aware of all the variables, we would still fall short of being all knowing about the future.

Because of that fact, we need to be very flexible people. We need to be able to adjust and adapt to whatever comes our way. Most of all, we need to avoid the paranoiac idea that we are being singled out by fate for these unpredictable curve balls thrown our way. They come at everyone with every pitch. They are universal. You are not alone.

Figure out how to accommodate the latest unexpectable. Roll with it. Get up, dust yourself off, and keep going. Otherwise… once again, you never know just what might happen.

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