Monday, January 24, 2011

We Choose

When we get up each morning, then throughout the day, we all have a basic choice to make over and over again. The choice is how we will respond to life – first thing in the morning and moment by moment all day long. And, whether we want to admit it or not, the choice is 100% our own to make. Our partner or someone else living in the house may be grumpy at 6:30am and we may find that irritating or annoying, but WE determine how we respond and react to it.

It is a mistake to blame others for our feelings -  more accurately, it is a mistake to so easily give over control of our emotions and, sometimes, the wellbeing of our entire day, to someone else. Those feelings imposed by others quickly overwhelm us and we become powerless.

Every emotion we experience – every feeling we feel – every reaction or response we make, ought to be one we want, not ones that someone else “caused.”

When we are able to recognize this truth and constantly put it into practice, our lives will be infinitely more free to be the persons we want to be and we will, naturally, find life more satisfying (not to mention that we will profoundly confuse those who consciously or unconsciously try to manipulate our emotions).

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Shari said...

Thank you Steve, I needed to hear this and own it!