Thursday, September 15, 2011


Don Quixote, in the Broadway play, The Man of La , is thought to be crazy. He sees things that aren't there and imagines things that aren't real. But when he is near death he asks a very telling question: "Who is crazy? Am I crazy because I see the world as it could become? Or is the world crazy because it only sees itself as it is?"

The answer is hard to say - Quixote IS crazy. He is delusional and irrational and lives outside of the real world. But he might be right, too. Isn't the world just as crazy for being so blinded by reality that we can't see the possibilities - that we can't imagine a world that is kinder and wiser and richer in every way?

Cynicism is such an easy path to take in this crazy world. Things look bad all around us and don't seem to have much hope of getting better. But shouldn't we put that craziness aside as much as we can and strive to see the world as it could be - should be - by God's grace will be? Yes, that's crazy, too. But we each have to choose one or the other.

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