Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Journal

Someone told me yesterday about something called a “Thankfulness Journal.” The idea is that, each morning when you get up, you pull out your little notebook and make a list of 6-10 things you are thankful for – or will plan to be thankful for that day. It sounded like an excellent idea. If we did that every day, our entire focus for daily living would be more positive – our days would no doubt go better – our disposition would be more pleasing. ...But here is the kicker. The person who told me about the journal is literally dying of cancer. She will soon be having a bone marrow transplant that may (if infection doesn’t set in) give her an extra year or year and a half to live. SHE can come up with half a dozen things to be thankful for each and every day. How much more do you and I have to be grateful for?

How about a warm home, caring friends, family, food to eat, clothes to wear, laughter, music, intelligence, your own creativity, art, talent, health, travel and experiences, peace of mind, living in this great land (whichever nation you may be reading from), fruit, ice cream, flowers, stimulating conversation, cats and dogs, books, the internet – especially where you can read the blog, “Insight For Living Today.” And that’s just in this hour.

Start a daily journal. In a year you will have such a wonderful collection of stated blessings that you will be flying high always.

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