Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Need for MORE

There is, within each and every one of us, the feeling that there is something "more" to life - to living - to being - than we are currently experiencing. Our souls are restless and wanting whatever it is that we don't have even though we don't know what that is.

I'm told that this is as true in the lives of the rich and famous and powerful as it is in your life and mine. There is a void that yearns to be filled. 

That intuition - that suspicion that there is more than we know - is built into our nature. There is only one way to fill it - to believe. FAITH is what fills the void. BELIEVING that, indeed, there IS more, meets the need.

A host of conscious and unconscious forces can keep us from belief. Our lack of belief may come from our knowledge that acknowledging God has consequences in our lives or unresolved guilt can do it. Comfort in being a negative person can be a hindrance to belief....

What is keeping you from faith? What is keeping you from filling that need for something "more" in your life? Put it aside and believe. You'll be amazed at what finally being filled is like.

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