Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Impossible Concept

I sometimes wonder if Alexander Graham Bell would believe the cell phone mania today. Or if Thomas Edison would be able to grasp the way his invention has lit up the world – even seeing lights from outer space. Or if whoever invented the computer, constructing it in a temperature controlled room and being the size of a small house, could conceive of the powerful computers we carry around in our pockets. I wonder if they ever knew the word “impossible.”

It seems the concept is far more abstract and non-existent than we might have imagined. “Impossible” is, perhaps, no more than someone’s na├»ve opinion. It really means that, so far, no one has figured something out even though it is most often thought to mean no one ever will.

Given sufficient time, commitment, effort, discipline and purpose, the impossible becomes real. What was once unreachable for anyone can become available to everyone.

Never assume that your dreams and hopes are impossible. Push aside your limited perspective, go beyond your limiting assumptions and realize that the impossible happens on a daily basis. Dream big. The impossible happens.

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