Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Failure is Not Final

There isn’t anyone who has never failed at something. Some of our failures are disasters. Some may even be catastrophic. But unless you were killed in the midst of the failure, that failure is not final. Life goes on and so do you and that failure becomes a part of your history and your past but does not have to continue to affect your present or future. Failure is not final.

Failure often does, in fact, bring you closer to success. You’ve attempted something and discovered it didn’t work. Now you’ll try something else. It may not work either, but you continue to build a list of unworkables until you eventually find what does work.

Thomas Edison, in working with his inventions (he held 1093 patents), knew failure. He was once asked, “how does it feel to have failed two thousand times to create the electric filament?” He replied, I have not failed, not once.  I’ve discovered ten thousand things that won’t work.”

The finality of failure is in you. Get it out. Keep trying. Failure is not final.


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