Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Be Exceptional

If you want to be thought exceptional you have to be an exception. Don’t do what most people would do in a given situation – do what is exceptional. That means going the extra mile, working harder, being more visionary, thinking outside the box, being confident in what  you are doing and in your unique ideas.

Exceptional performance is the result of exceptional thinking and doing. Instead of simply reacting to circumstances and events, use the awesome power of  your mind and your creativity and your energy to respond in ways others, who don’t have your strong desire to be exceptional, have never even considered.

Look beyond the immediate and work to see the big picture. Look beyond the superficial and see the underpinnings. Look beyond your limitations to see the possibilities.

You were born exceptional (just ask your parents). You were destined for great things from birth. Seek and find your destiny in being the exceptional person you are.

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