Monday, May 23, 2011


I suppose one lesson a young person can’t comprehend is something that all of us with a few  years under our belts know from first hand experience: Life never turns out quite the way you expect. The actuality is sometimes better – more often not as good – but almost universally, simply, different. The economy catches you off-guard or rewards you in unexpected ways, unethical or unwise or brilliant advisers lead you into something you never expected, relationships fade or flourish, temptations are yielded to or resisted, friends are amazingly loyal or betray you. The kids grow up and move out or move back in…

While it is vital to  have a realistic, workable plan for getting from here to there, it is essential that there be plenty of flexibility in that plan. It is essential that you be able to change course a few degrees as needed to end up where you think you want to be and then not to be too overwhelmed when you STILL end up somewhere else.

Life is a series of new starts and adjusting the old ones. Don’t get locked in to one way of thinking or doing things or holding strongly to ultimate goals. You need to be able to bend with the winds that blow, absorb the shocks that come, and weather whatever fate throws your way. When you are flexible you will survive.

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