Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can Life Be Finished?

I talked with a woman yesterday who had just quit her job. She said she just couldn’t take it any longer. She was a customer service rep and had to constantly be nice to rude and irate people. She had had it. She needed to yell at someone. But instead, she went home and sank into a deep depression. No job. No money. No skills. No family. She is pretty sure that it is impossible to find a job before she gets evicted. “My life is over. I’m finished,” she said.

She’s got problems. We live in the Detroit, Michigan area and she probably, indeed, will not be able to find a job in time to save her apartment or put sufficient food on the table.
She may become homeless. She may go hungry… But she isn’t finished. She is about to turn forty so she has another forty years or so to go. Her only option is to get out there and search for a job, plead with the landlord to give her time, ration the food in the cupboard, see a doctor for her depression, and make the best life she can – and pray for the grace and mercy of God.

We never have the option of “being finished.” Ending your own life is a stupid option. Just finish. You must.

No matter who you are, if you are reading this blog, you don’t have it as bad as this woman. Whatever your problems might be, they can be overcome. You may not be at the bottom yet. Things may get worse (I pray they won’t) before they get better, but if you can pull yourself out of self-pity and depression (not an easy task), you can remake your life and start over.

Do what you can today with what you’ve got. Make your life work.

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