Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Emotional Decision Making

How are you today? Are you feeling empowered, enthusiastic, passionate about life, joyful? Or is today a day of frustration, annoyance, discouragement or anger?

Did you know that YOU CHOOSE which it will be? You may not be able to do much about circumstances or situations that come with your work or your daily life, but you have the ability to choose how you feel about them. That’s the great thing about being human. We get to decide how we will interact with our environment. We can blame others or our own bad luck and feel lousy for what happens in our lives or we can take those same set of circumstances and take the responsibility to head in a positive direction with creative responses to whatever is going on.

Today – look at your life – look at you day – and decide to approach whatever comes your way with a positive attitude. You’ll be surprised how things, seen positively, become positive.

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