Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Meaning of YOU

Why are we here? Why are we on earth? Why were we born? Why do we exist?

Ahh, the eternal questions. The questions sages for millennia have been trying to answer.

The question is, of course, too big for even the most brilliant of minds. Break it down to a personal level, however, and it may be a bit more manageable. Why  “we” are here – why  “we” exist is for the philosophers. Why YOU exist and why I exist is for us.

You and I exist to impact and influence our world (small “w” – our own little sphere of the World). We exist to touch the lives of others – to be friends, to have compassion, to share love, to help, to encourage, to comfort, to interact, to make that other person glad to be alive. We exist to serve one another and to worship and serve God.

We need to be doing those things every day in order to feel that we ought to be here. And when we do, we make a real and lasting contribution to the world (and the World) and, as an added extra, we feel good about ourselves and our lives, too.

Today: Validate your life. Make someone glad to be alive – encourage, help, interact, be kind, show love. Do it with the knowledge that this is why you are here.

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Ann Wagner said...

Wow sounds like my sentiments that I posted yesterday at my blog. I totally agree.