Thursday, December 23, 2010

Any Day Is a Special Day

Christmas is the day after tomorrow. Labor Day is the last Monday in September. Thanksgiving is the third Thursday in November. Easter isn't always even in the same month - but always on a Sunday. None of these are on the calendar day comparable to the original day the celebrated event took place. Yet, we've taken an arbitrary day on the calendar and made it a special day. But it is only a day. Any of these holidays could just as easily be celebrated on a different date. They are special because we have made them so - we have attributed them with "specialness."

That means that TODAY can be a special day in your life if you make it special. The weather may be dreadful, your bank account may be only in the double digits, the old joints may be stiff and sore, you may be all alone. But the day is still what you make it. YOU are the deciding factor. YOU choose whether this will be a special day or an especially bad one.

So I have a suggestion. Make it a special one. Smile more, walk taller, push negative thoughts aside, laugh at a good joke, call a friend and see if he or she can go have a coke with you. Today is as special as Christmas or New Year's Eve or the Fourth of July if you make it so.

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