Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Robert Schuller (one of my "most admired people") invented a word: Possibilitize. His big thing is that life is full of possibilities.  He has lived his life saying so and showing the world that it's true. He started his ministry in a drive-in theatre and his current church is called the "Crystal Cathedral" and sits on a huge, beautiful, elaborate campus. It happened because he had a vision and saw the possibility. The same opportunities and the same possibilities were there for everyone, but he saw them and he acted and he reaped the rewards.

All around us, every day are possibilities if we have the ability to visualize them. Schuller has a technique he suggests for finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems: "Make a list of numbers, one to ten, on a sheet of clean white paper. Now open your mind to God in prayer. Then list every possible way of accomplishing the impossible problem, no matter how wild, how far out, or how preposterous it seems - until all ten lines are filled... As long as they are not immoral or unethical, list your ideas. You'll be surprised at how God operates! As you write your ideas down on paper, if one has come from God, it will grab you. You'll not be able to shake it. It will become a part of the answer."

Does such an exercise work? You won't know until you try. What problem(s) are you facing right now? Pray for God's insight. Make a list of ten solutions - list even outlandish things. You may just be surprised - astounded? - by what happens next.

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