Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Have you ever watched one of those movies where one of the characters has multiple personalities? Sarah is kind and sweet and everyone loves her - but her look-alike (actually the same person) is a ruthless serial killer. And maybe there is a third personality lurking in there somewhere, too - the sophisticated businesswoman who is efficient and proper in every way.

I have no idea if those kinds of psychological "split-personalities" actually exist to the extent of Hollywood writers, but I do know that each of us do have multiple personalities. Have you ever noticed that you are a different person at home than you are at work - a different person at church than you are at the grocery story - a different person on vacation than at the family reunion? It's rather like we learned in our high school chemistry class: an element reacts differently in the presence of different other elements. And that is to be expected. It is normal and acceptable.

The key to our multiple personalities is to temper each of them with love and respect for others. In faith terms: allow the God-likeness within to be seen in whatever situation we find ourselves.

Who will you be today? It depends on where you are or whom you are with but always we have the ability to determine the quality of our person. Choose to be loving and kind and self-disciplined and good. And choose those every day.

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