Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We teach it to our children from their earliest  years but we seem, as we grow older, to forget the principle. One of the first gifts we give a child is a bank in which to deposit his or her pennies and nickels or dimes and quarters. The lesson being taught is that small amounts, deposited often, accumulate to something significant in time.

But it's not just a financial principle. It's a principle for life. Do you want to lose a few inches of waistline? You begin by losing  a pound. Add to that a second and a third and a fourth over time and the inches melt away. Inch-by-Inch is an incredible power that puts massive change within our grasp. All you need is consistency and paitience.

When we add a little joy from time to time to the lives of others or a bit of hope or an occasional word of encouragement or praise or even faith, all of that accumulates into something important and life affirming in that person's life - and in our own.

Today - make a deposit. Say something to someone that lets them know they are important or loved or needed. Do it again tomorrow and again the next day. Before long you will have opened up that person's life to new possibilities and deeper faith in themselves. And, I suspect, much of the positive you have given will come back as a blessing on yourself.

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McCrabby said...

So important in our everyday life... how I wish our politicians would read this and incorporate some of our "common sense" into their operating parameters.

Good thoughts, which I hope we'll share.