Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lonely at The Top

Ever since Harry Truman put that little sign on his desk it has been clear where the buck (blame, excuses, inadequacy) stops. CEO's and bosses everywhere have been forced to take responsibility (although more and more the concept is being forgotten). SOMEONE is responsible...

Another phrase goes in lock-step with that one: "It's lonely at the top." And it probably is (I'll let you know when I get there). But sometimes we forget that it's lonely all along the way, too. Throughout our lives we step up to the plate and take a swing at life - alone. Our most important decisions cannot be passed off to anyone else. WE decide what we are going to do, what career path we will take, the direction of our lives, whom we will marry, who will be our best friends and confidants, what religious choices we will make. We are like that batter at the plate. We face the opposition alone. The stands are filled with spectators who will cheer or jeer, but not one of them can or will help.

How do you do it? How do you withstand the pressure? How do you survive "alone?"

Faith. The best (maybe the only adequate) way of coping is to believe fervently that you are NOT alone. There is someone who cares, who helps, who advises, who guides, who helps shoulder the load. It's God. Believe - it may be the only way to make it through this lonely world.

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Noreen said...

To be in a crowded room full of people I know and yet still feel alone, makes me wonder. . . but some how I know that others feel that same sense of alone-ness. Thanks for reminding me that I'm never truly alone.