Monday, June 20, 2011

THEM Always Wins

Charlie has more money than I do. Sally is more intelligent. Pete lives in a nicer house. George is gifted in so many ways. Sarah has more class than I do. Sam has more things. John is better looking.

No matter how much I envy all that everyone else has, nothing changes. I feel crappy because I am so inferior. But it’s a vicious lie that can destroy you. Charlie may, indeed have more money and Pete may live in a nicer house. But are you aware that there isn’t ANYTHING that you might have or talents you might possess that someone, somewhere doesn’t have in abundance?

The problem is that we compare ourselves with all those mentioned above as a group and not as individuals. OF COURSE they have more than I do in just about every category. But does Charlie? He has more money but does he have more intelligence, a nicer home, better friends? How about George? He is multi-talented, but does he get along with others? Is he motivated? Is he wealthy? Is he happy?

It is a mistake to try to make a composite super-person and compare yourself. You will always come up short. Everyone does. Overcome envy by being realistic and realizing that YOU have so much. That YOU have gifts and talents and personality and potential that is equal to or greater than just about any INDIVIDUAL you know.

If you must compare yourself, compare individual to individual across the board. You will find great encouragement if you are fair with yourself.

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