Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trouble is Coming!

A difficult challenge is coming your way. A problem that will need addressing will find its way to your door in the near future. ….I’m not looking into my crystal ball this morning in order to predict that. Difficulties and problems are just part of life and they WILL come. GUARANTEED. The good is that you can start preparing for it now. Each and every day you can become a stronger person – you can learn something – you can create something – you can grasp opportunities.

Most of us can get by just fine today and maybe tomorrow without making any major changes or improvements in our lives. But eventually we will face challenges that will compel us to act quickly, to be decisive, to be wise. And that ability needs to come before the crisis is upon us. Every day we need to grow a bit in character and knowledge and insight.
We do those things through interacting with others, through introspection and self-evaluation, and through striving, always, to do the right thing by everyone.

Today – Relax. No challenges or problems (I hope). But tomorrow…. Prepare.

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