Saturday, April 2, 2011

You CAn't Stop Progress

We’ve all had the experience of (not literally) “beating our heads against a wall.” We try something over and over and continue to fail at it no matter how hard we try or how persistent we are. Almost always the culprit is our knowledge and pride getting in the way. We KNOW how something is supposed to work or how it is supposed to be done, so that’s the way we do it. Unfortunately, most things in life are in constant change and doing things the same way as yesterday, or using yesterday’s knowledge, just doesn’t work any more.  We continually have to be updating our ways of thinking and our operating systems. We regularly need to try to see things from the current perspective and adjust our “ways” to the new realities.

That’s not always easy. In fact, it is a lot of work and worry. I personally most notice it with all the hi-tech gadgets that come out. I love them all, but they’ve come so fast and furious that I’ve fallen behind in a pitiable way. I’d like to know how to use an MP3 player or an Ipad or how to send photos in a text message, but my little mind is boggled by it all.

But you can’t stop progress. All we can do is try to keep up with it as best we can. Make it a personal goal today to look at your world with the expectation of changes having occurred over night. Put aside your assumptions and past experiences. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll see – and maybe you’ll stop the head banging for a while.

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