Friday, April 15, 2011

UnFocus for Balance

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, you can actually maintain better focus when you spend a little time each day being completely unfocused. You can become much more effective in every aspect of life by taking a break from time to time.

The cycle of work and rest is a fundamental principle of life. One can see it in nature with the dormancy of fall and winter and the new life of spring and summer. We are part of it all. We need to take a break – to rest – on a regular basis if we are to be effective in our work and at peace in our lives. Relax you body. Rest your mind. Ease your spirit. Spend time just being and enjoying. Consciously set aside the stresses and tensions of life and let your entire being renew.

The strength you gain through rest will be used soon enough.  When you get back to the regular grind of life your efforts will be noticeably more effective. It’s called a balanced life – work and rest and productivity and relaxation. It is part of the cycle of living. Live it.

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