Saturday, April 16, 2011

Can You Project?

You are aware of everything in the past that has served to make you the person you are today. Your history and experiences and acquaintances and family – your handicaps and talents and pleasures and pains have all played a part. You are aware of your current circumstances – your finances and employment and recreational activities and relationships – your housing and clothes and all kinds of little accessories that make life good (or bad) comprise who you are currently.

But can you transcend your past and even your present and visualize the “you” that is developing – that will be next year at this time (maybe a little different); that will be five years from now (probably significantly different);
the person you will be twenty years from now (an entirely different person in so many ways)?

If you can, you have the wonderful ability to “project” – to think through the natural direction and consequences of actions taken and to factor in some of the expected events. If you have that ability you can consciously choose the direction and make it what you want it to be – to some extent. You can’t stop the aging process, but you can prepare for it be eating right and being fit along the way. You can’t affect the economy, but you can prepare for whatever comes along by saving wisely…

You can’t change much of what is coming, but if you can project you won’t be caught off-guard and will have prepared.

Today – Spend a few minutes looking into the mirror of the future and see if you can project who you will be if you continue in your current direction and then who you might be if you consciously alter it.

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