Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Follow Through

If you play any sport, you have heard endlessly from your instructor or coach, the importance of your follow through. It has to do with continuing your stroke or the motion of your bat, racket, club, or arm even after the ball is hit, thrown or rolled. It’s important because, if you don’t follow through, you begin the deceleration process before contact and lose as much as 30% of your swinging and hitting power. In addition, following through aids tremendously in accuracy.

Following through has no direct effect on the ball. It is already gone. It’s the knowing you will follow through that makes all the difference. The same is true in life. Following through is key to doing the best possible at whatever it is you are attempting. But unlike sports, the follow through is absolutely essential. Without it there is no home run – not even a base hit. Whatever you do has to be followed through in a timely manner and effectively.

Many of us start projects but quit too soon. We get frustrated or bored or tired of it and throw in the towel. Sometimes giving up is called for, but most of the time we need to stay with the direction we are heading until completion.

Today – What are you about to give up on? Why not stay with it just a little while longer. You may be richly rewarded.

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