Thursday, March 10, 2011

Great Expectations

The expectations we have profoundly influence the results we get. So, obviously, it pays to keep our expectations high. But the reality is that what usually actually happens is somewhat less than we expected. Sorry about that. Two life truths: expectations produce results / results are less than expected.

Should that disappoint and discourage? No. In fact, that being the case, we should be spurred on to continue to make high expectations and to make them consciously. Shooting for the moon and missing it is far better than shooting at nothing and hitting it.

When we expect something of real, meaningful value in life, it will eventually come. That’s one of the wonderful mysteries of life. It may not always be in the form we wanted or expected, but expectations somehow have a way of working out – sometimes in surprising ways.

Today – raise your expectations. Shoot for the moon. You may not hit it but aiming high always pays off.

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