Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facing Troubles

When something is troubling us, we tend to complain or stress or worry or get irritable. That, perhaps, is human nature. But let me suggest something. When you are troubled, DO something – take action to resolve whatever it is.

That may seem so obvious that it isn’t worth saying, but it is one of our choices we often overlook or avoid. We FORGET that we can do something about whatever it is that is troubling us. We can take action and work at resolving it. Or, if we have no power to do any of that, we can remove ourselves from it – we can walk away (run away?) from whatever it is that is negatively impacting our lives. Worry and stress and negativity do nothing to resolve anything. Choose to redirect your energies and/or to take positive action or to absent yourself.

Life is too short to live daily with troubles that, if action is taken, can be solved.

Today – face head on whatever is troubling you. What can you do to resolve it?

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